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In today’s world we don’t find a bit of peace even in our own home. When we know that peace of mind is something we required to proceed further in our lives. So think of ,you got a chance to go on a vacation and yay it’s a vacation !!! so which place will you choose to go on a vacation, umm!!! Since you need some peace I think u would choose for your own hometown which is full of greenery no pollution, no noise only peace. The villages are real peace where you can realize that there is no place better than this . Sitting under a tree remembering your childhood memories is the ultimate peace. Eating fresh vegetables, fruits is the ultimate peace. Talking to yourself, planning your future in a peaceful environment is the ultimate peace. So get some time out of your busy schedule and visit your peaceful place.



Hey there guys!!!! My name is Shivangi am 20 years old trying to start up something new in my life. I personally think that blogging is a wonderful way of sharing your experiences out to the world. Actually writing something in a piece of paper is sharing your feelings, and so thought of starting something exciting. My blogs will be more about exploring different things , dreaming to get it ,discovering new thing out of it. We must achieve what we dream .